Trump Continues To Downplay Coronavirus As It Surges More Than Ever

Trump continues to lie and downplay the coronavirus as cases surge more than ever and layoffs begin to spike again. There is no new tone, this is the same Trump.

Trump continues to downplay the coronavirus, ignoring his own failures and the fact that the virus is surging more than ever.

CNN: “He has continued one of the staples of his briefing room appearances in March and April: downplaying the pandemic in ways that do not match reality.”

Washington Post: “U.S. passes 4 million coronavirus cases as pace of new infections roughly doubles”

Vox: “More people in the US are hospitalized with Covid-19 than ever before”

New York Times: “The surge in the United States is so extreme that, once adjusted for population, these 10 states are recording more new cases than any country in the world.”

Trump keeps lying that he is fulfilling supply requests for states when states say he’s still got a lot of work to do.

ABC News: “During his first coronavirus press briefing in nearly three months, President Donald Trump said his administration had filled every single request it has received from the nation’s governors for supplies to battle the coronavirus. But contrary to Trump’s claim, officials in 13 states told ABC News they still have requests pending for critical equipment as the virus spreads through much of the country.”

Trump’s failure to contain the coronavirus has led to skyrocketing cases, forcing states to shut down and layoffs to spike again.

Axios: “The unemployment situation is really, really bad”

Washington Post: “Layoffs are beginning to spike again across the country — the number of new unemployment claims rose last week for the first time since March — as coronavirus cases soar, spurring cities and states to backtrack on reopenings only a month after appearing to turn the corner.”