Trump Continues to Lie About Immigrants in SOTU Speech

In response to Donald Trump falsely claiming he supports legal immigration and that building a wall would protect the country, AAPI media director John Santos released the following statement:


“Lacking any real accomplishments to tout, President Trump predictably fell back on his usual vicious attacks on immigrants. Dedicating long portions of his speech to demonizing immigrants, he spouted his usual lies about drugs coming across the southern border and crimes committed by immigrants in order to justify funding for his unwanted, unnecessary and ineffective wall. He said he supports legal immigration, yet he is pushing for the deportation of thousands of Southeast Asian war refugees and has sought to slash the number of legal immigrants allowed to come into the country. This administration has done nothing but make life miserable for immigrants. Democrats believe diversity is a strength and will continue to work to stop any further attempts by President Trump to make life harder for immigrants.”