Trump Contradicts His Own Health Officials On Medical Supply Stockpiles

Trump continues to contradict senior officials in his own administration on key details of their response to this public health crisis.

Yesterday, Trump said the U.S. had “stockpiles” of medical supplies for health care workers and “they either have it or will be getting it.”

TRUMP: “We have stockpiles now and we’re ordering tremendous numbers of ventilators, respirators, masks. And they’re ordered, and they’re coming, and we have quite a few at this point. I think, Mike, we have a lot.”

TRUMP: “We are also working very much on getting them the kind of equipment that they need. And for the most part, they’re either — they either have it or they will be getting it.”

Also yesterday, HHS told medical professionals they don’t have enough equipment stockpiled and they have no solution for the looming shortfall.

CNN: “Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services told medical professionals on a conference call Monday that there was not enough personal protective equipment in the Strategic National Stockpile to fulfill anticipated gaps in state and local supplies.”

HHS Spokesperson: “We have been transparent that more supplies are needed.”