Trump Covered Up for China & Got Nothing in Return

Trump refused to push China for transparency around the coronavirus outbreak, prioritizing his trade deal and political fortunes before our public health.

Twice in January, Trump declined suggestions from his own team to call out China on its coronavirus response out of fear of upsetting his trade deal.

Washington Post: “A new revelation reinforces just how soft Trump was on China when it arguably mattered most — at the start of the coronavirus outbreak. … Trump may not have just feared that his criticism would hurt Chinese cooperation on the virus but also on further trade agreements.”

Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Trump twice declined suggestions from his team in January to press Mr. Xi for more transparency about the virus’s causes and symptoms, in one case saying that the criticism could cause Beijing to be less helpful, said White House officials.”

That trade deal has still gone largely unfulfilled. China is not even on pace to meet half of the $200 billion purchases of U.S. goods Trump promised. 

Axios: “China is nowhere near meeting the ‘phase 1’ trade agreement”

Axios: “Not only is China not making purchases on pace for a $200 billion increase, it is now $21.2 billion behind — not even halfway to its target on a monthly basis.”