Trump Declares The Pandemic Over As Cases Surge To Highest Level In Months

Trump has declared the pandemic essentially over and has given up on fighting this crisis. Meanwhile, states are seeing new cases surge to record highs and Trump’s top health officials warn it will still get worse.

Trump said last night that coronavirus is “going away” and that it’s “hopefully, the end of the pandemic.”

TRUMP: It’s “hopefully, the end of the pandemic.”

TRUMP: “It’s going away.”

Trump hasn’t spoken to his top health officials in weeks and is considering scaling back the national emergency declaration.

Bloomberg: “Top U.S. health officials told lawmakers Tuesday that they haven’t discussed the Covid-19 pandemic with President Donald Trump for more than two weeks, a period in which cases have surged in some of the most populous states.”

Los Angeles Times: “The Trump administration, eager to claim victory over the coronavirus, has been considering scaling back the national emergency declared earlier this year to control the pandemic, according to healthcare industry officials who have spoken with the administration.”

Meanwhile, new coronavirus cases have surged to their highest level in two months—a 25 percent increase in new cases last week alone.

Associated Press: “New coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surged to their highest level in two months and are now back to where they were at the peak of the outbreak.”

Reuters: “The United States saw a 25% increase in new cases of COVID-19 in the week ended June 21 compared to the previous seven days, with Arizona, Florida and Texas experiencing record surges in new infections, a Reuters analysis found.”

Washington Post: “Seven states are reporting new highs for current coronavirus hospitalizations, according to data tracked by The Washington Post — Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas — as the number of infections continues to climb across the South and West.”

Trump’s top health officials all testified yesterday that we will still experience a significant increase in coronavirus infections.

REDFIELD: “We are going to experience significant Coronavirus infection in the fall and winter.”

FAUCI: “There will be significant infections, yes.”

HAHN: “I agree with Drs. Fauci and Redfield.”