Trump Detached From Reality On Racism In America

Trump is a “cultural relic” when it comes to policing practices and critical reforms. He is out-of-touch with the overwhelming majority of Americans, his Republican allies, and even his own military leaders.

The overwhelming majority of Americans, including many Republicans, support police reform proposals advocated by Democrats.

Reuters/Ipsos poll: “Most Americans, including Republicans, support sweeping Democratic police reform proposals”

Reuters/Ipsos poll: “For example, 82% of Americans want to ban police from using chokeholds, 83% want to ban racial profiling, and 92% want federal police to be required to wear body cameras. It also found that 89% of Americans want to require police to give the people they stop their name, badge number and reason for the stop, and 91% support allowing independent investigations of police departments that show patterns of misconduct.”

Trump is the outlier and “sounds like a cultural relic” detached from even his own allies and military leaders on racism in America.

New York Times: “Yet with public opinion shifting quickly on racism in America, and even some of the most cautious leaders and institutions talking openly about discrimination and reconciliation, there is still one glaring outlier: President Trump. Whether it is suggesting shooting protesters or siccing dogs on them, pre-emptively defending the Confederate names of military installations or arguing that his supporters ‘love the black people,’ Mr. Trump increasingly sounds like a cultural relic, detached from not just the left-leaning protesters in the streets but also the country’s political middle and even some Republican allies and his own military leaders.”

Case in point: Trump held a roundtable on policing in Dallas yesterday where he doubled down on police brutality after refusing to invite the county’s top three law enforcement officials, who are all Black.

Bloomberg: “But the president didn’t back away from his contention that police need to ‘dominate the streets.’ ‘If someone’s really bad, you’re going to have to do it with real strength, real power,’ he said.”

WFAA: “From the moment President Donald Trump landed at Love Field until he departed, officers from the Dallas Police Department provided protection. But Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall was not invited to meet with him. Neither was Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown. Neither was Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot. Hall, Brown and Creuzot are black.

Later that night, Trump had to be educated by Fox News on the racist origins of his “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” tweet — and still doubled down on it.

Washington Post: “Fox News host educates Trump on violent origins of ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ phrase”

Washington Post: “Meanwhile, Trump also doubled down on his defense that the phrase has more than one meaning.”