Trump Doubles Down on Calling to “Get Rid” of the Department of Education 

In the latest 2024 MAGA salvo, Donald Trump is doubling down on saying he would “get rid of the Department of Education.” Trump’s efforts to gut public education at the expense of America’s kids is anything but new. As president, Trump put Betsy DeVos in charge and worked alongside her to try and gut public education funding every single year he was in office — all while pushing to move billions in taxpayer money to support private schools.

Donald Trump proposed slashing billions in funding from the Department of Education — every single year he was in office.

Inside Higher Education: “President Trump called for a $7.1 billion cut to funding at the Education Department with a proposed budget that retreads familiar higher education ideas for this White House… 

The proposal marks the third straight year that President Trump has asked Congress for major cuts to education spending — the proposal would mean a 12 percent cut for the Education Department from fiscal year 2019 — and to overall discretionary expenditures.”

New York Times: “[Trump’s FY21] budget proposes cutting the Education Department’s funding by 7.8 percent, to $66.6 billion.”

Donald Trump appointed extreme, conservative mega-donor Betsy DeVos to head up the Department of Education during his administration.

Washington Post: “Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for education secretary, is not just a prospective Cabinet member seeking confirmation from the U.S. Senate.

She is also a billionaire Republican donor whose family’s donations have funded the campaigns of many of the senators now tasked with voting on her nomination, including members of the committee overseeing her confirmation hearing, scheduled for Wednesday.”

Donald Trump and DeVos worked to undermine America’s public schools and push billions in taxpayer money to support private education.

Washington Post: “More than $1 billion would be spent on private school vouchers and other school choice plans under the budget proposal released Monday by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The proposal also calls for slashing the Education Department’s budget and devoting more resources to career training, at the expense of four-year colleges and universities.”