Trump Downplays Coronavirus As The U.S. Sets A World Record For Cases

Trump continues to downplay the coronavirus and claims that it is simply “going away” as it surges across the country and the United States sets a world record for new cases because of his failed pandemic response.

Trump continued to downplay the coronavirus and said it is “going away.”

TRUMP: “And we’re weeks away from a vaccine…But with or without it, it’s going to go away, and we are rounding… It drives them crazy, the fake news media, it’s going away.”

The pandemic keeps getting worse, with new cases setting a world record. 

Vox: “As Trump downplays Covid-19, the US sets a world record for cases”

CNN: “US coronavirus cases break global daily record, and experts warn it will only get worse”

It is surging across the country as most states also set individual records.

CNN: “At least 31 states set their one-day coronavirus case records in October”

ABC News: “Coronavirus surging in every key swing state as voters head to polls”

Hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise and expected to soon get worse.

Washington Post: “First, coronavirus infections increased. Then, hospitalizations. Now, deaths are on the rise.”

Wall Street Journal: “Latest Covid-19 Wave Worries Hospitals Even With New Treatments”

CNN: “The fall surge has left nearly 50,000 people hospitalized across the US due to Covid-19, and experts say the strain healthcare systems are under could soon get worse.”