Trump Downplays COVID-19 As Cases Hit Another Record High

Trump continues to downplay the coronavirus as new cases hit another record high and he lies that deaths are “way down” even after more than 1,000 Americans died yesterday. Trump has given up on fighting the pandemic as he parades around the country holding potential superspreader events where he lies to Americans and puts even more lives at risk.

The coronavirus continues to surge across the country and hit another single-day record with the equivalent of more than one case per second.

New York Times: “On Thursday, the country recorded at least 90,000 new cases (that’s the equivalent of more than one per second) and crossed the threshold of nine million cases since the start of the pandemic.”

Washington Post: “Coronavirus cases are on the rise in every swing state”

Trump and Don Jr. are downplaying hospitalizations and deaths as both are on the rise and more than 1,000 Americans died yesterday.

TRUMP: “More Testing equals more Cases. We have best testing. Deaths WAY DOWN. Hospitals have great additional capacity! Doing much better than Europe. Therapeutics working!”

Washington Post: “Donald Trump Jr. said covid-19 deaths are at ‘almost nothing.’ The virus killed more than 1,000 Americans the same day.”

CNBC: “U.S. infections soar to record highs as hospitalizations climb in 41 states”

Americans disapprove of Trump’s dangerous crowded rallies that put their lives at risk and where he lies to them about the coronavirus.

TRUMP: “You know the bottom line though? You’re going to get better.”

USA Today: “Poll: Most Americans disapprove of Trump’s decision to hold massive campaign rallies during COVID-19 pandemic”

CNN: “Many counties that hosted Trump rallies had a significant increase in Covid-19 cases”

U.S. News: “Trump’s Rallies Are Turning Voters Against Him”

Bloomberg: “Trump Pins Hopes on Rallies That Could Be Sealing His Defeat”

Trump has given up on fighting the pandemic and is instead pushing herd immunity that could lead to millions more deaths.

The Daily Beast: “Trump’s COVID Advisers: He’s Now Pushing Herd Immunity”

USA Today Editorial: “Beyond consigning Americans to a wretched winter of sickness before a vaccine becomes widely available, surrendering in the face of a viral enemy is a tragically fitting capstone to perhaps the worst crisis-management performance for a president in U.S. history.”

Pence, who leads the coronavirus task force, isn’t doing his job and hasn’t attended a task force call with governors in over a month.

Politico: “When Vice President Mike Pence first took charge of the White House’s coronavirus task force, among his earliest moves was establishing a standing call with all 50 governors aimed at closely coordinating the nation’s pandemic fight. Yet as the U.S. confronts its biggest Covid-19 surge to date, Pence hasn’t attended one of those meetings in over a month. Pence – who has been touting the Trump administration’s response effort on the campaign trail for weeks – is not expected to be on the line again Friday, when the group holds its first governors call since Oct. 13, said a person with knowledge of the plan.”