Trump Downplays The Risk Of Coronavirus, Again

In tonight’s briefing, Trump repeatedly contradicted experts who have warned about the potential risk of a coronavirus resurgence in the fall. Trump failed to prepare for the coronavirus after he downplayed the severity of the crisis early on. Now, he’s at it again.

Trump repeatedly downplayed the risk of a second wave of coronavirus in the fall, and contradicted experts by saying it might not come back at all.

TRUMP: “We will not go through what we went through for the last two months.”

TRUMP: “And if it comes back, though, it won’t be coming back in the form that it was. It will be coming back in smaller doses that we can contain.”

TRUMP: “It may not come back at all.”

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell: “The president keeps saying ‘embers of corona’ could come back.  He is down playing the risk of a second wave in this briefing.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta: “Trump now downplaying possible second wave of coronavirus during flu season, despite warning from Redfield: ‘that’s not going to be pleasant… but that’s not going to be what we’ve gone through.’”

Trump tried to refute experts who repeatedly tried to warn the American people of the potential risk of a coronavirus resurgence.

FAUCI: “We will have coronavirus in the fall. I am convinced of that.”

Washington Post’s Aaron Blake: “Trump is making pains not to let Redfield answer these questions right now, speaking for him and asking Redfield to affirm what he’s saying.”

Politico’s Ben White: “Trump is saying things he wants to be true. The doctors are trying to say true things without making him mad.”

Cox Media Group’s Jamie Dupree: “Trump: ‘He was misquoted, totally misquoted.’ Redfield: ‘I’m accurately quoted in the Washington Post.’”

Associated Press’ Jill Colvin: “‘And Dr. wouldn’t you say there’s a good chance that COVID will not come back?’ Trump asks. ‘We don’t know,’ Birx responds.”