‘Trump Fails at Lowering Drug Prices as Costs Keep Going Up’

Trump is a puppet of the pharmaceutical industry. Despite Trump’s promises to lower drug prices and stand up the pharmaceutical industry, costs continue to increase and his drug plan included proposals given to his White House behind closed doors by Novartis, a giant pharmaceutical company. It’s not wonder Big Pharma loved his plan.


Despite Trump’s promises to lower drug prices, costs keep going up and pharmaceutical companies have already made 3,653 increases this year.


Bloomberg: “Trump Fails at Lowering Drug Prices as Costs Keep Going Up”


Wall Street Journal: “So far this year, companies have made 3,653 price increases on 1,045 different drug products, according to Raymond James & Associates, even as President Donald Trump and other members of his administration have criticized such moves.”


Trump’s White House used proposals from Novartis to make its drug pricing plan, which went easy on Big Pharma and sent their stocks soaring.


The Hill: “Emails obtained by Democrats and publicly released Friday show that Novartis sent Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for President Trump, a list of proposals to lower drug prices. Several of those proposals later appeared in the administration's ‘blue print’ to lower drug prices.”


Axios: “Trump's plan for drug costs goes easy on Big Pharma”


STAT News: “Trump promised to bring pharma to justice. His speech sent drug stocks soaring”