Trump Fails To Lead As Pandemic Surges Uncontrolled

The pandemic continues to surge uncontrolled across the country with cases and deaths rising as hospitals face crisis-level shortages. Instead of doing anything to help, Trump has abdicated his responsibility and failed to lead.

Trump has abdicated his responsibilities and refused to lead on the coronavirus as the pandemic worsens across the country.

CNN: “A leaderless America slips deep into a grim pandemic winter”

Washington Post: “All the while, Trump largely abdicated the responsibilities of the job he was fighting so hard to keep, chief among them managing the coronavirus pandemic as the numbers of infections and deaths soared across the country.”

Monthly coronavirus cases sharply escalated in November and could get even worse after they more than doubled the previous record.

New York Times: “The total number of coronavirus cases in the United States for November surpassed four million on Saturday, more than double the record set in October of 1.9 million cases. And the sharp escalation is likely to continue — or grow even steeper.”

Daily deaths have risen sharply and recently hit the highest level since May.

New York Times: “On April 15, 2,752 people across the United States were reported to have died from Covid-19, more than on any day before or since. Now daily deaths are rising sharply and fast approaching that dreadful count again. On Wednesday, 2,300 deaths were reported nationwide — the highest toll since May.”

As the coronavirus surges, hospitals across the country are facing crisis-level shortages of beds and staff.

New York Times: “As the coronavirus pandemic surges across the country, hospitals are facing a crisis-level shortage of beds and staff to provide adequate care for patients.”