Trump Falls Short On The Economy

Donald Trump said he’d create a strong economy and brings back jobs, but Americans’ confidence is fading, jobs are moving overseas and his ongoing scandals continue to hurt the economy. It’s clear that Trump is not living up to his promises.


Americans’ confidence in a Trump economic boom is fading and small business optimism is on the decline.

Washington Post: Americans’ confidence in a Trump economic boom is fading

“But the euphoria is starting to fade. It could be a big problem for Trump, who promised his base a turbocharged economy. Small business optimism is on the decline. The latest NFIB Small Business Optimism Index for June came out Tuesday and was lower than expected. The National Federation of Independent Business blamed ‘the mess in Washington’ for the pullback.”


Despite Trump’s promises, manufacturing jobs are not coming back:

Axios: Indiana lost 5,000 manufacturing jobs under Trump

“Donald Trump brokered a deal to keep roughly 1,000 jobs at a facility in Indiana from moving to Mexico. But it failed to live up to the hype while other firms have quietly continued to outsource — a trend that drained the state of 5,000 manufacturing jobs since February.”


Trump’s ongoing scandals are hurting the economy, as the stock market plunged yesterday:

Newsweek: The Economy Took A Plunge After Donald Trump Jr.’s Russian Emails Were Exposed

The U.S. stock market plunged immediately Tuesday after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted screenshots of emailsthat showed he attended a meeting set up in part on the promise of incriminating evidence procured by the Russians to aid his father's presidential campaign.”