Trump Falsely Claims – 6 Times – That People With Pre-Existing Conditions Are Protected Under Trumpc

Yesterday, Donald Trump told one of his cruelest and most egregious lies to date: he claimed Trumpcare will protect people with pre-existing conditions.


THE TRUTH: Trumpcare actually guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions by possibly jacking up premiums to the point that they are wholly unaffordable.


Here’s a reality check for the president:


American Medical Association: Trump’s pre-existing condition “assurance may be illusory as health status underwriting could effectively make coverage completely unaffordable to people with pre-existing conditions.”


New York Times: “Mr. Trump insisted that the Republican health legislation would not allow discrimination against people with pre-existing medical conditions, an assertion contradicted by numerous health policy experts as well as the American Medical Association.’


Politifact: “This makes protection for people with pre-existing conditions sound ironclad. But that’s not the case. People with pre-existing conditions could get coverage, but they could be charged higher rates.”


Politico’s Dan Diamond: “Trump appears to reverse himself on pre-existing conditions 2x in 2 mins—first by saying it's guaranteed (it isn't), then kicking to states.”


Washington Post: “President Trump tried Sunday to reassure anxious Republicans that the latest proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act would continue to protect those with preexisting medical conditions, although he struggled to fully articulate what form those protections would take.”


The Guardian: “Trump's promise for healthcare act contradicts Republicans' proposal”


“It is not clear how many states would follow through on the power to make the sick pay more. Critics, however, have said any such change could make insurance prohibitively expensive for those with preexisting conditions.”


The Week: “He seemed to guarantee that the bill would protect people with pre-existing conditions. The American Medical Association and outside health policy analysts mostly disagree with this assertion.”


Huffington Post: “Republicans claim that other provisions of their bill, designed to reimburse insurers for expensive beneficiaries or to create separate programs for people with pre-existing conditions, would take care of people with serious medical problems. ‘They say we don’t cover pre-existing conditions, we cover it beautifully,’ Trump said on ‘Face the Nation.’ As multiple analysts have pointed out, these programs have never provided adequate protection in the past, even though Republican leaders like Ryan keep claiming otherwise.”


Star-Ledger: “3.8 million Garden State residents with pre-existing conditions could lose their ability to get adequate coverage. That's on top of the 500,000 fewer state residents who would have insurance under the GOP alternative.”