Trump Gave Iran a Green Light to Accelerate Its Nuclear Program

Tom Cotton praised Trump for ripping up the Iran deal, but the Iran Deal was working and Trump’s policy toward Iran has been nothing but a failure. By abandoning it, Trump allowed Iran to break free from the strict limits that permanently prevented Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Trump has only escalated tensions and made us less safe.

After Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal, Iran has accelerated its nuclear program. 

New York Times: “Mr. Trump’s decision to abandon what he called a ‘terrible’ deal has backfired for now. Iran has moved from complying with the accord’s strict limits on uranium production to beginning to rebuild its stockpile.”

Trump manufactured a crisis with Iran by withdrawing from the nuclear deal, and ended up only escalating tensions.

CNN: “When Trump took office, there was no immediate crisis with Iran. The Islamic Republic was honoring the Obama administration’s nuclear deal though it had not stepped back from its missile development and what the US says is malignant activity in its own neighborhood. But by ripping up the deal, strangling the Iranian economy and now killing Soleimani, Trump now owns however the confrontation turns out.”

Iran was emboldened by Trump’s empty threats and unenforced red lines, leading to an attack on U.S. service members in Iraq that left more than 100 Americans injured.

Washington Post: “In September, Trump reversed himself at the last minute… Iran took that as a signal to escalate, leading to 11 attacks on U.S. forces by Iranian proxies beginning in October.”

CBS News: “Iran missile attack ‘crosses a red line’”

New York Times: “More than 100 American service members have traumatic brain injuries from Iranian airstrikes on Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in January, the Defense Department said.”