Trump, GOP Can’t Hide Attacks on Health Care Under Comey Cloud

 While you were paying attention to Comey’s testimony confirming that Trump lied repeatedly and is likely under investigation for obstruction, Republicans moved to try and sneak Trump’s disastrous health care repeal bill through Congress, a bill that that fewer than 2 in 10 Americans support.


Huffington Post: “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday took steps to fast-track their efforts, sidestepping the typical committee hearings in favor of closed-door meetings.”


Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s continued efforts to sabotage health insurance markets across the country to justify this awful bill are proving effective. Insurers have already said that the uncertainty created by Trump and Republicans could lead to higher premiums or reduced access to plans.


CNBC Headline: “Obamacare insurers abandon two counties in Washington state, insurance commissioner blames Trump administration”


CNBC: “Uncertainty over cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers has led some insurers to request higher prices, or consider departing the individual plan market.


The GOP’s health care repeal would have a major, negative impact hardworking Americans in rural counties and small towns, including many of Trump’s own voters.


 CNN Money: “Trump Country it may be, but rural counties and small towns also make up Medicaid Country — those parts of the nation whose low-income children and families are most dependent on the federal-state health insurance program according to a Georgetown University report released Wednesday… Those gains may be in jeopardy under the House GOP health care bill that would replace major parts of the ACA — known as Obamacare — and dramatically cut federal funding for Medicaid.”


St. Louis Public Radio Headline: “For Rural Hospitals Already on the Brink, GOP’s Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Hit Hard.”


HHS Secretary Tom Price also reminded us yesterday that Trump’s proposed budget would inflict further pain on Americans:


Washington Post’s Health 202: “Price defended the budget's cuts medical research funding, Medicaid and the CDC and wouldn't answer lawmakers when pressed repeatedly to explain whether the administration will keep paying extra Obamacare subsidies in the long term.”


STAT News: “Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price defended the White House’s proposed cuts to Medicaid in its 2018 budget blueprint before a pair of congressional committees on Thursday, parrying blows from Democrats furious over spending reductions they say President Trump pledged on the campaign trail never to approve.”