Trump, GOP Chaos Takes A Toll

As Trump and Congressional Republicans skip town after 7 months with no major accomplishments, their inability to govern and the constant chaos is starting to take a toll.

Americans say the Trump administration is running chaotically, and disapprove of the job he and the Republican Party are doing at record levels. And to top it off, Trump’s beginning to lose his base.

Quinnipiac Poll: “President Donald Trump plunges to a new low as American voters disapprove 61 – 33 percent of the job he is doing.”


Quinnipiac Poll: “The Republicans' negative 22 – 64 percent favorability – a new low.”


CNBC: Amid Washington dysfunction, lack of accomplishments, Trumps clings to his shrinking support


CNN: Trump supporters' optimism starting to wear off


TIME: “60% of registered voters think Trump's administration is running ‘somewhat chaotically’ or ‘very chaotically.’”


NBC: “A particularly troubling sign for the president is that, for the first time, his approval among white voters without a college degree has hit a net negative, according to the poll released Wednesday.”


While Trump may hope to hide out at his Bedminster golf course, he won’t be able to escape the chaos that has engulfed his White House and the entire Republican Party.

Bloomberg Businessweek: “When Trump tweeted ‘No WH chaos!’ what he was really signaling was ‘Total WH chaos!’”


Political Wire: “As long as the White House spends it days defending the president’s lies, I don’t really care who the chief of staff is. It’s still chaos.”


The Atlantic: “There hasn’t been a single smooth week in the Trump presidency, but last week was, by popular consensus, the worst of them so far.”


Huffington Post: “Although Trump tweeted on Monday that there’s ‘no chaos’ at the White House, his office has experienced a series of shake-ups in recent weeks ― and the world has looked on as the president has struggled to bring order to his office and country.”


Karl Rove: “The first six months of the Trump presidency have been marked by chaos, and the administration cannot survive another six months of the same.”


Yahoo News: “Trump insists that there's 'no chaos' in his White House — this list of high-level staff departures says otherwise


Washington Post: “Can a new chief of staff fix a White House in turmoil?”


NBC: “Kelly is tasked with bringing order to a chaotic and leaky West Wing and re-energizing the administration's flagging agenda in Congress.”