Trump-GOP Repeal Bill So Unpopular They Don’t Want You to See It

A new poll from Public Policy Polling released yesterday showed that “Health care continues to be a political disaster for Republicans.” Fifty-five percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s health care repeal bill and by a 24-point margin, voters said they are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who supported this bill. To top it off, voters said they prefer the Affordable Care Act to the GOP repeal bill by a 51 to 34 spread.

Trump’s health care repeal bill remains incredibly unpopular. With these abysmal numbers, it is no wonder that Senate Republicans are trying to pass this bill in secret, with no hearings and without the public even being able to see the text.

Nate Silver“Republicans know their health care bill is super unpopular and so are trying to shield it from public scrutiny.”

New York Times“There is no mystery why the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is trying to push this bill through quickly. The legislation would repeal major provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Opening it to scrutiny before a vote would be the congressional equivalent of exposing a vampire to sunlight.”

MSNBC“The Senate Republican aide was effectively conceding that the GOP proposal will be awful and unpopular, and it’d be ‘stupid’ to let the public see it because the scrutiny would risk derailing the entire effort.”

ThinkProgress: “It’s perhaps understandable that Senate Republicans would want to shine as little light as possible on an unpopular bill that could cause millions of people to lose their health insurance.”

Salon: “Fearing public outcry, Senate Republicans aim to keep health care bill secret until last possible minute.”

New York Magazine: “Senate Republicans hope to rush their health-care bill into law with the absolute minimum of public scrutiny.”