Trump, GOP Sabotage More Insurance Markets

Trump recently said that the House passed health repeal was “mean,” but what he failed to mention was that he lobbied for and celebrated the bill’s passage, and that he is currently creating uncertainty in health insurance markets that is causing insurers to raise premiums for millions of Americans across the country.


Uncertainty created by Trump and the GOP continues to force insurance companies to raise their rates in markets across the country.

Michigan – Detroit Free Press: Obamacare rates in Michigan could skyrocket as much as 31% in 2018

Those spikes could be even higher —  31% and 22.6%, respectively — if Republicans in Washington opt to defund cost-sharing subsidies in the ACA for helping lower-income people with medical costs.

Delaware – The News Journal: Highmark in Delaware ACA marketplace seeks 33.6% insurance rate increase

“Highmark’s proposed rate increase reflects the fact that the Federal Government could cut funding for the ACA by discontinuing cost-sharing reduction subsidies,” said Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro in a news release.


Trump’s health care repeal bill would hurt millions of Americans across the country by raising the uninsured rate for kids, causing deductibles to increase, creating annual and lifetime limits, and putting treatment out of reach for Medicaid recipients.

Georgetown University Center for Children and Families: New Analysis Finds Uninsured Rate for Kids Would Increase by 50% Under AHCA

Associated Press: Gov't report: Health care deductibles higher under GOP bill

Kaiser Health News: People In Recovery Worry GOP Medicaid Cuts Would Put Treatment Out Of Reach

Axios: “As many as 27 million Americans could face annual limits on their coverage, and 20 million could be hit with lifetime limits, according to the analysis.”