Trump has broken more promises than he’s kept

A new Washington Post fact check confirms what we already know: Trump broke his promises to the American people. Despite Trump’s claims that “I’ve completed more promises than I’ve made,” the opposite is true.

Washington Post: Trump has broken more promises than he’s kept

  • With Trump nearing the end of his third year as president, it’s time for an update — and a reality check. Contrary to what he tells his fans, Trump has broken more key promises than he has kept. With our latest update, Trump has broken about 43 percent of 60 key promises — and kept about 35 percent.

Here are some of the promises that Trump has broken:

  • Make Mexico reimburse the United States for the full cost of the border wall. […] Trump has rarely raised the issue and made no move to force compliance by Mexico. Instead, he has seized billions of dollars from previously approved military construction projects and redirected the money to fund his border barrier.

  • Expand the economy 4 percent a year. […] Unless something dramatic happens in 2020 — the consensus is that annual growth will be 1.9 percent — Trump will never meet his goal, and so this is a promise broken. He never even achieved this goal on a quarterly basis.

  • Fully repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump’s promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act backfired spectacularly in his first year in office, and the backlash over repeal votes taken by Republicans helped Democrats retake control of the House in the midterm elections.

  • Reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three and, likewise, greatly simplify tax forms. […] Trump regularly touts the tax-cut bill, but it also failed to meet several other specific pledges, such as insuring the largest tax reductions were for the middle class and allowing Americans to deduct child care and elder care from their taxes.

  • Make sure the $1 trillion infrastructure plan will be revenue-neutral. Trump has made no progress on advancing an infrastructure bill, let alone one that is revenue-neutral.