Trump Has Diminished America’s Standing and Influence In The World

No matter how many times Trump says it, it won’t be true. America is not more respected under Trump. His chaotic leadership had made America’s standing and influence with the rest of the world plummet.

The world’s perception of U.S. leadership has plummeted under Trump.

Gallup: “After tumbling to a record-low 30% during the first year of Trump’s presidency, the image of U.S. leadership was not much better in the third year of his term.”

Trump’s failed coronavirus response did further damage to America’s global standing.

Washington Post: “The country’s ineffective response has shocked observers around the planet.  Many countries have rigorously driven infection rates nearly to zero. In the United States, coronavirus transmission is out of control.”

Trump was mocked and snubbed by world leaders for his poor behavior.

New York Times: “But the dim view that many European leaders themselves hold of Mr. Trump later burst into public view by accident. A video surfaced that showed grinning world leaders at a Buckingham Palace reception on Tuesday night, apparently commiserating in what they thought was a private conversation about the unmanageable behavior of the American president.”