Trump Has No Health Care Plan

Sean Reyes is one of the Republican attorneys general suing to eliminate the ACA—a lawsuit Trump backs. Over and over again, Trump has promised to present an alternative health care plan, but four years later, it has yet to materialize.

As he tries to terminate the entire ACA, he has refused to put forward a plan. Now he says that he will wait until after the election. The truth is he has no plan. He never will have a plan.

Trump has repeatedly made false promises to present a health care plan that never materialized.

Washington Post: “Trump Keeps Promising An Overhaul Of The Nation’s Health-Care System That Never Arrives”

Washington Post: “Trump teased a forthcoming health care plan more than a dozen times as president. Then nothing happened.”

Trump sought to eliminate the ACA in full, but refused to pursue a replacement plan until after the election.

Bloomberg: “The Trump administration doesn’t expect to release a detailed health care plan until the Supreme Court rules on the legality of the Affordable Care Act, said U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. That would leave voters in November’s election in the dark about how their health care, typically ranked as among the most important issues, might be upended in 2021 and beyond.”

Wall Street Journal: “The recent pledges have drawn attention to a challenge facing Mr. Trump: Neither he nor his campaign have identified a second-term health-care agenda, and his administration lacks a clear plan if the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA.”