Trump Has No Plan To Get Americans Back To Work

Trump was asked earlier this week what his plan was to get the nearly 39 million Americans who have recently filed for unemployment back to work. His plan is to simply reopen the country and then lie about people getting their jobs back.

Trump said it was rude to ask what his plan was to get jobs back.  

TRUMP: “Oh, I think — I think we’ve announced a plan. We’re opening up our country. Just a rude person you are. We’re opening up our country. We’re opening it up very fast. The plan is that each state is opening and it’s opening up very effectively.”

Trump claimed “a lot of people are getting jobs” as a result of his plan, which consists of one strategy: reopening. 

TRUMP: “Right now, we’re opening up areas and a lot of people are getting jobs.”

But jobs aren’t flowing back after states reopen as Trump promised. 

Politico: “Georgia’s early move to start easing stay-at-home restrictions nearly a month ago has done little to stem the state’s flood of unemployment claims — illustrating how hard it is to bring jobs back while consumers are still afraid to go outside.”

New York Times: “Even as states begin to reopen for business, a further 2.4 million workers joined the nation’s unemployment rolls last week, and there is growing concern among economists that many of the lost jobs are gone for good.”

CNBC: “Of small and medium-sized businesses that have been forced to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of owners surveyed by Facebook said they won’t rehire the same workers they had before the crisis.”