Trump Hypocrisy on Job Numbers

President Obama brought us the longest streak of private-sector job growth in history.  But Trump called the numbers fake, even when the Obama economy outperformed…
Trump in March 2016: The Jobs Report’s 5% Unemployment Rate Was “Obviously Not A Real Number.” 
And said jobs created under Obama were bad.
Trump in February 2016: “You Can’t Give Credit” To President Obama For 4.9% Unemployment Because “It's A Phony Number…Plus, As You Have Probably Heard The Jobs Are Bad Jobs.”
Obama successfully worked to cut the unemployment rate in half. Trump lied and made up numbers that said the real unemployment rate was actually 20%+.
Trump in November 2015: “The 5.2 [Percent Unemployment] That You Reported About All The Time, That Is A Fictitious Number… It's Probably 22 Or 25-Percent Unemployment.”
But today, jobs numbers that are similar to those Trump derided during the Obama years are “great.”
Spicer: “Great News For American Workers: Economy Added 235,000 New Jobs, Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.7% In First Report For @POTUSTrump”
Spicer: BLS Jobs Figures “May Have Been Phony In The Past, But It’s Very Real Now.”
2012 Donald Trump would have called 2017 Donald Trump’s job numbers a failure.
Trump in 2012: “Today’s Job Report Is Not A Good Sign & We Could Be Facing Another Recession. No Real Job Growth. We Need Over 300K New Jobs A Month.”
February 2017: Bureau of Labor and Statistics Report: The Economy Added 235,000 Jobs.