Trump Infrastructure Plan ‘A Scam’

Trump’s infrastructure plan isn’t really much of a plan at all. Trump’s plan does not provide adequate funding to address our nation’s infrastructure needs. The proposal includes just $200 billion in infrastructure funding, mostly paid for by more than $178 billion in cuts to transportation and other infrastructure programs. And instead of prioritizing projects that benefit working Americans and create jobs, his plan prioritizes corporate profits.


Here's some of the latest reasons Trump’s plan is a disaster:


Trump’s infrastructure plan does not prioritize American manufacturing.


Bloomberg: “Donald Trump’s proposal to upgrade U.S. infrastructure was met with a collective groan from American manufacturers who complained that the president ignored his ‘Buy America’ promises.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan prioritizes corporate profits over public benefits.


New York Times: “President Trump’s $200 billion plan to rebuild America upends the criteria that have long been used to pick ambitious federal projects, putting little emphasis on how much an infrastructure proposal benefits the public and more on finding private investors and other outside sources of money.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan offers no specific funding for rural broadband.


CNET: “President Donald Trump's $200 billion infrastructure proposal released Monday includes $50 billion in funding for rural communities, but nothing specific for broadband deployment.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan could increase costs for working families.


Star-Telegram: “Trump infrastructure plan could lead to more toll roads on interstates”


            Huffington Post: “Do You Like Paying Tolls? You’re Gonna Love Trump’s Infrastructure Plan.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan does not provide adequate financing.


NPR: “Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Pay For A Fraction Of Investment


Vox: “In his State of the Union address, Donald Trump promised an infrastructure agenda that would let America ‘build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways, and waterways across our land.’ The actual infrastructure program he’s unveiling today alongside his fiscal year 2019 budget request, however, is likely to do nothing of the sort. In part that’s due to the specific elements of the program design. But more fundamentally it’s because of the way the program is financed — or, rather, not financed.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan was rightfully met with a lot of skepticism.


The Hill: “Trump infrastructure plan gets cold reception


Los Angeles Times Editorial: “President Trump's infrastructure plan isn't a plan. It's fantasy.”


Newsday Editorial: “If Trump’s goal were really to repair and upgrade roads and bridges and rails and sewers and airports, he’d come up with a plan with real money to meet the real needs.”


Times of Trenton Editorial: “Despite Trump's promises, outlook grim for N.J. bridges


BBC: “Trump's infrastructure blueprint 'a scam'


Huffington Post: “Trump’s New Infrastructure Plan Is Kind Of Underwhelming


Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik: “Trump's infrastructure plan: no money, no action, no surprise


Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “This is a joke. For starters, states do not have the money, which is why the federal government (which can do things like raise the federal gas tax) traditionally funds a large percentage of the cost.”


The Guardian: “Trump pledges to fix infrastructure but $200bn plan falls well short.