Trump Is ‘Done With COVID’ And Ignoring Vaccine Distribution Problems

Trump has decided that he is done with the coronavirus, which continues to surge across the country and kill thousands of Americans each day. Trump is refusing to take responsibility or do anything to help as vaccine distribution has fallen short of his administration’s promises.

Coronavirus cases continue to hit new records, our country is losing an American every 33 seconds, and hospitals are still facing shortages.

CNN: “Over the last week, the US averaged more than 219,000 new Covid-19 infections a day, according to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University. There were more than 249,000 infections reported on Friday alone — another record.”

Washington Post: “For all of the efforts by some to diminish the death toll and to shrug at the steadily expanding saturation of American hospital beds, our country is losing an American every 33 seconds to covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus that emerged last year.”

New York Times: “Hospitals Are Still Short on Masks and Other Protective Gear”

Instead of doing more to control the pandemic that continues to surge across the country, Trump has decided he is done with the coronavirus.

Washington Post: “‘I think he’s just done with covid,’ said one of Trump’s closest advisers who, like many others interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss internal deliberations and operations. ‘I think he put it on a timetable and he’s done with covid. . . . It just exceeded the amount of time he gave it.’”

While Trump refuses to take responsibility, his Warp Speed chief accepted blame for reduced vaccine doses but managed to create new confusion.

Washington Post: “‘I am responsible’: Warp Speed chief accepts blame for reduced vaccine doses but creates new confusion about quality control steps”

Pence is following Trump’s lead and has been ignoring the administration’s failures and lying that vaccine distribution is going “strong.”

The Daily Beast: “Pence Said Pfizer Vaccine Distribution Was Going ‘Strong.’ States Are Calling Bullshit.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “’This is unacceptable’: Evers, health officials say Wisconsin is receiving less COVID-19 vaccine than expected, ask feds for more”

Dayton Daily News: “Ohio, other states receiving fewer coronavirus vaccines next week than expected”

WTVR: “Virginia to initially receive fewer COVID-19 vaccine doses than anticipated”

Fox9: “Minnesota will get fewer Pfizer vaccines than expected this month”