Trump Is The Nightmare Republicans Can’t Escape

Let’s be clear, no matter how hard Republican lawmakers wish Donald Trump would go away and be nothing more than a former president, they continue to enable his increasingly unhinged comments, and he continues to prove to be an anvil around their necks. As Trump travels the country seeking validation at rallies, Republicans will have to answer for him, including his defense of the January 6 attack and attempted coup. 

From attacking his own vice president to rogue endorsements, Donald Trump is making life difficult for the Republican leaders who spent the last five years bending over backward to appease him:

  • Washington Post: “Trump says congressional investigators should examine why Pence didn’t reject electoral college results”
  • Politico: “All told, the group spread $205,000 to 41 candidates for House and Senate, including a number of incumbents and several notable challengers running against Republican incumbents who supported Trump’s impeachment last year.”
  • The Hill: “Trump under fire over Tennessee primary nod”
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “The Georgians who joined a phony slate of GOP electors to help Donald Trump’s failed effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election could now are under scrutiny from federal prosecutors and congressional investigators.”
  • New York Magazine: “Trump Nod Triggers Tennessee MAGA Carpetbagger Fight”