Trump Isn’t Even Trying To Control The Pandemic That Continues To Surge To Record Highs

Mark Meadows admitted this weekend that the Trump administration is not even trying to control the pandemic, which has been obvious as new cases once again hit record highs. Trump continues to flout public health guidelines and hold potential superspreader events that have already likely led to new outbreaks — and there’s even a second one in Trump’s own White House.

Trump’s failure to control the pandemic has led to new daily cases hitting record highs and will continue to make this crisis even worse.

MEADOWS: “We are not going to control the pandemic.”

CNN: “The latest surge of Covid-19 infections has pushed the seven-day average of new daily cases to heights not seen since the pandemic began. The seven-day average of new cases hit 68,767 on Sunday, topping the previous peak of 67,293 reported on July 22. The two highest single days of new cases were Friday and Saturday, with more than 83,000 new cases added each day.”

CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla: “MORGAN STANLEY: ‘Our updated base case forecasts up to ~130K daily cases’ by year-end.”

Trump is trying to sell an alternate reality to voters even as the White House goes through its second coronavirus outbreak.

Politico: “President Donald Trump is heading into the final nine days of the 2020 election with a new nationwide explosion in coronavirus cases and a second outbreak in the top ranks of his own White House — all while he tries to sell an alternate reality to voters.”

New York Times: “But just seven hours later, the White House made its own Covid headlines when officials acknowledged that another coronavirus outbreak had struck the White House, infecting Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and four other top aides — and raising new questions about the Trump administration’s cavalier approach to the worst health crisis in a century.”

Trump continues to flout public health guidelines and hold crowded rallies that have already likely led to coronavirus outbreaks across the country.

Bloomberg: “President Donald Trump is forging ahead with a breakneck pace of rallies in battleground states during the final days of his re-election campaign, defying public-health guidelines as a wave of new coronavirus cases smacks the U.S.”

USA Today: “As President Donald Trump jetted across the country holding campaign rallies during the past two months, he didn’t just defy state orders and federal health guidelines. He left a trail of coronavirus outbreaks in his wake. The president has participated in nearly three dozen rallies since mid-August, all but two at airport hangars. A USA TODAY analysis shows COVID-19 cases grew at a faster rate than before after at least five of those rallies in the following counties: Blue Earth, Minnesota; Lackawanna, Pennsylvania; Marathon, Wisconsin; Dauphin, Pennsylvania; and Beltrami, Minnesota.”