Trump Keeps Lying About His Record of Sabotaging Our Health Care

Trump and his cronies have to keep lying about his record because they know that voters don’t want their health care or preexisting condition protections taken away — and that’s exactly what Trump plans to do, without any plan to replace it.

Trump’s cronies keep lying about his record of sabotaging Americans’ health care.

Brad Parscale: “[W]hat he’s done to shore up healthcare prices, protect preexisting conditions, and continue to do to make this country have more affordable healthcare and to lower the cost of prescription drugs and protect Medicare. Those are going to be the important issues.”

Alex Azar: “Can you imagine any other president this focused on health care? … President Trump is focused on every aspect of health care. Every aspect of it. The tough challenges for all 331 million Americans. And he doesn’t get the credit for what he’s doing.”

Voters see through these lies. Trump’s own polling shows voters don’t trust him on health care.

Politico: “President Donald Trump lashed out at HHS Secretary Alex Azar on Thursday after senior aides presented him with polling data showing that voters prefer Democrats on health care.”

Politico: “Voters have consistently said they trust Democrats more than Trump to handle health care issues, a gap that widened since Republicans’ extensive efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act during his first year in office.”

Trump is concerned about voter perceptions that he’s cutting Medicaid and other health care services because he’s already tried to gut these programs and admitted this week that he’d look at cutting them in a second term.

Politico: “President Donald Trump, who last week lashed out as HHS Secretary Alex Azar over negative health care polling, recently voiced concerns about fueling perceptions that he’s cutting Medicaid and other health care services during an election year, said two officials with knowledge of the president’s comments.”

JOE KERNEN: “Entitlements ever be on your plate?” PRESIDENT TRUMP: “At some point they will be. We have tremendous growth. We’re going to have tremendous growth. This next year I– it’ll be toward the end of the year. The growth is going to be incredible. And at the right time, we will take a look at that. You know, that’s actually the easiest of all things.”

Trump clearly hasn’t learned his lesson — his administration is doubling down on its health care sabotage with new Medicaid spending caps.

Politico: “Capping Medicaid spending, even among just Obamacare’s expansion population, would be a major transformation of how the federal government finances the safety net health care program that has grown to cover about 1 in 5 Americans… Lawmakers during the failed Obamacare replacement effort in 2017, rejected a similar plan to cap spending on Medicaid expansion and private health insurance subsidies, which would have resulted in millions losing coverage.”

Trump’s reckless efforts to repeal the ACA come as his own administration admits he has no replacement plan.

The Hill: “Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said Tuesday that ‘there’s really not a need’ for the Trump administration to put forward an ObamaCare replacement plan at the moment… Azar’s comments stand in contrast to what President Trump said in an interview with ABC News in June. ‘We’ll be announcing that in about two months,’ Trump said at the time when asked about an ObamaCare replacement plan.”