Trump Keeps Lying That Children Are Immune As More Evidence Shows They Aren’t

Trump continues to falsely claim that children are immune to the coronavirus to push schools to reopen without having a plan to ensure it is done safely, even as more evidence continues to come out that children are susceptible to the virus and his own administration officials warn that outbreaks in reopened schools will be “inevitable.”

Last night, Trump once again falsely claimed that children are essentially immune to the coronavirus.

QUESTION: “Do you still believe that children are essentially immune?”

TRUMP: “Yeah, I think that for the most part they do very well.”

Trump’s own administration officials are contradicting him, warning that outbreaks are “inevitable” at reopened schools.

The Daily Beast: “Trump Aides: Outbreaks ‘Inevitable’ at Reopened Schools”

More evidence shows children aren’t immune. In Florida, infections in children rose 137% in the past month and hospitalizations jumped 105%.

CNN: “In Florida, the total number of cases in children 17 and under rose from 16,797 on July 9 to 39,735 on August 9 — an increase of 137%, according to Florida Department of Health data. Covid-19 hospitalizations among children in Florida rose from 213 to 436 during that same period, a 105% increase. Deaths among children rose from four to seven in Florida during that period.”