Trump Keeps Lying That He’s Stopping Evictions

Trump keeps claiming that he is stopping evictions. He’s not. Even Larry Kudlow admitted that Trump’s executive order wasn’t actually an eviction moratorium.

Trump said yesterday that his executive order is protecting people from evictions and that Democrats didn’t want to do that.

TRUMP: “I want to make it unmistakably clear that I’m protecting people from evictions. They didn’t want to do that.  The Democrats didn’t want to do a protection from evictions.”

TRUMP: “I took the executive action signing executive orders to freeze the evictions. We’re freezing evictions.”

Trump’s executive order isn’t an eviction moratorium, which even Larry Kudlow admits, and isn’t likely to actually prevent any evictions.

KUDLOW: “It’s not quite an eviction moratorium.”

Bloomberg: “Trump’s Executive Order on Evictions Likely Won’t Prevent Any Evictions”

Yahoo Money: “President Trump’s promises to prevent evictions offers ‘false hope,’ experts say”

Democrats passed a bill three months ago to provide renter assistance and to extend the federal eviction moratorium for a year.

CNBC: “In May, House Democrats passed a bill providing $100 billion in renter assistance, $75 billion for homeowners and to extend the eviction ban for a year following its enactment date.”