Trump Lies About The Economic Recovery As Millions Struggle To Make Ends Meet

In his Labor Day remarks yesterday, Trump continued to lie about the economic recovery. He claims we have rapidly recovered, but ignores the millions of Americans who are still out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Instead of doing more to help, Trump would rather pretend the pandemic doesn’t exist.

Trump cited stock market gains and claimed the economy is recovering in a “super V” shape — it’s not.

CNBC: “However, Trump said the economy is recovering in a V shape, ‘probably a super V,’ and noted recent record-breaking moves in the stock market.”

While the wealthy may be doing better, tens of millions of Americans are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Politico: “The path toward economic recovery in the U.S. has become sharply divided, with wealthier Americans earning and saving at record levels while the poorest struggle to pay their bills and put food on the table.”

Half of unemployment insurance recipients are unable to cover their basic expenses after Trump cut supplemental benefits in half, yet Trump refused to even meet with Democrats to negotiate additional coronavirus relief.

Morning Consult: “In August, 50 percent of UI recipients were unable to pay for their basic expenses using their UI benefits, up from 27 percent in July.”

Yahoo News: “President Donald Trump said Monday that he’s taking ‘the high road’ by not meeting with Democratic leaders as negotiations for another round of coronavirus relief remain stalled.”

Trump said we’re “rounding the final turn,” but the pandemic has only grown worse with new cases nearly quadrupling over the summer, and experts now expect yet another surge in the fall.

CNBC: “President Donald Trump predicted a sharp economic rebound next year and said Monday the U.S. is ‘rounding the final turn’ on the coronavirus pandemic.”

Washington Post: “Experts project autumn surge in coronavirus cases, with a peak after Election Day”

Washington Post: “Experts warn U.S. covid-19 deaths could more than double by year’s end”

Washington Post: “Summer has run its course, and with it, the toll of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has only grown worse. From Memorial Day weekend through the unofficial end of the season Monday, the number of Americans who died of covid-19 shot up from just under 100,000 to more than 186,000, according to data tracked by The Washington Post, as infections nearly quadrupled to upward of 6.2 million.”