Trump Lies About Vote-By-Mail As Republicans Push For Vote-By-Mail

Trump and Republicans know that mail voting is safe, secure, and an essential means of protecting the constitutional right to vote during a pandemic, they just only want to make it easier for their supporters to vote.

While they continue to disingenuously attack vote-by-mail systems, Trump and Republicans have once again revealed their true motives by simultaneously pushing for their supporters to vote absentee.

While Trump fights against vote-by-mail, the RNC and state parties are actively encouraging Republicans in swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida to vote-by-mail.

NPR: “Even As Trump Denounces Vote By Mail, GOP In Florida And Elsewhere Relies On It”

Washington Post: “The same week President Trump told the public that voting by mail is ‘corrupt’ and ‘RIPE for FRAUD,’ his own party was sending a very different message to Republican voters in Pennsylvania. ‘Voting by mail is an easy, convenient and secure way to cast your ballot,’ read a mail piece the Republican National Committee distributed across the Keystone State. ‘Return the attached official Republican Party mail-in ballot application to avoid lines and protect yourself from large crowds on Election Day.’”

Miami Herald: “But in Florida — where Trump claimed full-time residence last fall and voted by mail in last month’s Republican presidential primary — Republicans didn’t just write the book on mail voting turnout, they also wrote the laws. Republicans were in power in 2002 when the state moved to allow any voter to request a mail ballot without supplying a reason.”

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Joe Gruters: “As we do every election cycle, the Florida GOP will push [vote-by-mail] requests and returns among Republicans.”

Republican officials in at least 16 states are ignoring Trump’s lies and pushing for mail ballots because they know his claims are outrageous and vote-by-mail is safer during a pandemic.

Washington Post: “Republican officeholders in at least 16 states that do not have all-mail elections are encouraging people to vote absentee during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a tally by The Washington Post. Among them are the Republican governors or secretaries of state in Georgia, Ohio, New Hampshire and Iowa, who announced in recent days that they would take steps to encourage widespread voting by mail in upcoming elections.”

Washington Post: “In the face of the novel coronavirus, Republican officials in many states are now loosening some of those restrictions. In West Virginia, Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska, for example, GOP election officials are proactively mailing registered voters absentee ballot request forms.”

Associated Press: “Trump-friendly Republicans among state officials breaking with White House on desirability of mail-in election ballots”

Despite this, Trump and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel continue to falsely smear vote-by-mail when there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the U.S. and millions of Americans cast their votes each election using vote-by-mail without incident.

NBC News: “As Democrats rally behind mail-in voting as a way to ensure Americans will be safe as they cast a ballot in November, President Donald Trump has begun arguing that an election conducted via the postal service would be riddled with fraud — an allegation based on a number of false or misleading claims.”

MCDANIEL: “Well, that means ballots would be floating around, there’d be no mechanism to safeguard the election.”

Washington Post: “States with extensive mail-balloting systems have enacted safeguards such as signature requirements that make such fraud virtually nonexistent, according to Republican and Democratic election officials.”