Trump Lies To Workers To Distract From His Broken Promises

Trump continues to lie to cover up for his broken promises to autoworkers. Meanwhile, General Motors workers are devastated Trump failed to protect their jobs.

LIE: Trump claimed the auto industry was booming even though job growth slowed under Trump.


Associated Press: “Automakers have been steadily hiring since 2010 when Barack Obama was president. But the pace of job gains has slowed considerably since Trump took office, according to the Labor Department.”

LIE: Trump falsely claimed that “auto companies are pouring into the U.S.”

Associated Press: “Crosstown rival Ford Motor Co. is just starting to restructure its white-collar workforce, and thousands are expected to be let go by the middle of next year.”

LIE: Trump repeated his false claim that “big steel is opening and renovating plants all over the country.”

ABC News:  “Trump Downplays GM Plant Closings, Repeats False Claim About Steel Plants”


CBS News: “As of October, there were roughly 382,000 U.S. jobs in the manufacturing of primary metals such as steel, down from 622,000 jobs in 2000. Construction spending on factories has yet to significantly take off after having fallen between 2016 and much of 2018.”


LIE: Trump falsely claimed that BMW was building a “major new plant” in the U.S.

Bloomberg: “Trump Lauds BMW For A New U.S. Factory That’s Still Just An Idea”

Huffington Post: “BMW Fact-Checks Trump On ‘Major New Plant,’ Which Hasn’t Been Finalized.”


Meanwhile, autoworkers are devastated by Trump’s repeated lies and broken promise to protect their jobs.

“I thought he was going to do miracles for us, so did a lot of other autoworkers. … He needs to step up to the plate and do what he said.’” – 26-year GM Lordstown worker


“So far, I haven’t been real hopeful that the president’s going to have a desire or an ability to make any changes in this area.” – President of UAW Local 1112 in Lordstown

“You give corporate America a whole bunch of money, they’re going to do what’s best for corporate America.” – Lordstown business owner

“It’s hard to keep on thinking that he’s going to fight for us.” – Previously laid-off GM Lordstown worker


“I hope he does do something about the thousands of jobs companies are still sending abroad. But he hasn’t done anything about Carrier, Honeywell, or Harley-Davidson. Basically, since he’s been in office, it has been an assault on good-paying jobs. What he’s doing is not translating into anything good for middle-class America.” – 20-year GM Lordstown worker


“Some people were crying…I looked over and saw people who looked like they had the flu, turning white.” – 23-year GM Lordstown worker


“My reaction was a sick stomach, and for the whole rest of the day, I just sat in the rain and thought about the future.” – Lordstown small business owner


“I was literally nauseous yesterday when I walked out of there.” – 18-year GM Lordstown worker


“It’s disgusting, my stomach hurts.” – 10-year GM Lordstown worker