Trump ‘Made in America’ Event Won’t Include Trump’s Own Products

Today, Trump will hold an event at the White House to highlight American-made goods. One thing that won’t be on the table is any Trump-branded products – many of which continue to be produced overseas. Oh, the hypocrisy.


Many of Trump’s others products are still made overseas:


  • Trump bed linens and home goods are made in Panama, and Trump furniture is made in Turkey.


  • Trump’s company sells Trump-branded merchandise on its website that is made overseas, including in Bangladesh and China.


  • Ivanka Trump still manufactures blouses, dresses and other items in China.


Trump has a long history of not making his products in America:


  • Trump shirts were made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam.


  • Trump sport coats were made in India.


  • Trump men’s shirts were made in South Korea.


  • Trump suits were made in Mexico.


  • Trump eyeglasses were made in China.


  • Trump produced several Trump Home items in China and India.


  • Trump’s crystal and china collection was made in Slovenia.


  • Many hotel amenities at Trump’s hotels were manufactured in China or Taiwan.


  • Trump vodka was manufactured in the Netherlands.


  • The Trump Home brand manufactured components in Germany.