Trump Moving Convention Puts Public Health At Risk For His Political G

Even after more than 100,000 deaths and over 40 million Americans out of work, Trump continues to downplay the pandemic and is now moving the Republican convention because he didn’t want to implement coronavirus safety measures, where he will further put our public health at risk for his own political gain.

Trump announced yesterday that he is moving the Republican convention to another state where he will put thousands at risk — all because he and the RNC refused safety measures needed to guard against coronavirus spread.

Politico: “President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Republicans will seek another state instead of North Carolina to hold its August convention after a prolonged standoff with the state’s Democratic governor.”

New York Times: “Ms. McDaniel and Ms. Kelly had at one point acknowledged that a safe convention would need to be scaled back to protect the health of its attendees. But in his letter Tuesday, Mr. Cooper indicated that the two parties involved were no longer in agreement about working toward a scaled-back event, and referred to a Friday night phone call with Ms. McDaniel and Mr. Trump, in which they wanted a guarantee of a ‘full arena’ inside the Spectrum Center for the president’s official nomination. … ‘Neither public health officials nor I will risk the health and safety of North Carolinians by providing the guarantee you seek,’ Mr. Cooper wrote on Tuesday.”

Trump only cares about himself and won’t listen to the experts. Case in point, he’s also winding down his task force as fears of a second wave emerge, and having them issue a final report, not of lessons learned or what went wrong, but of a highlight reel from his perspective.

NBC News: “And in a new sign that the task force’s work may be nearing an end, its members have begun drafting a final after-action report highlighting the president’s response that’s expected to be completed in the coming weeks, according to two senior administration officials…The task force report currently being drafted is expected to be far more of a highlights reel from the perspective of the president, who has chafed at criticism of his handling of the pandemic, officials said. It is unlikely to be a critical retrospective of what may have gone wrong and lessons learned that could be applied in a future pandemic, they said.”

As Trump moves on from the ongoing public health crisis and looks to put more Americans at risk, he still hasn’t paid out nearly $100 billion in emergency health aid.

Politico: “Months after Congress approved $175 billion in emergency aid to health providers, the Trump administration has yet to pay out the majority of the funds — nearly $100 billion — amid a series of setbacks and internal uncertainty over how best to distribute the money.”