Trump On Brink Of ‘Humiliating’ Defeat Over His Fake National Emergency

As the House is set to vote to block his emergency declaration today, opposition to Trump’s fake national emergency continues to grow.

Yesterday, another Republican Senator joined the growing opposition to Trump’s fake national emergency declaration.

Senator Tillis: “As a U.S. senator, I cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass Congress.”

Now, Trump is on the brink of a “humiliating” and “embarrassing” defeat.

Politico: “Trump on brink of defeat on border emergency”

Politico: “President Donald Trump is on the verge of a bipartisan rejection of his emergency declaration at the border in what would be an embarrassing rebuke by a Congress opposed to his immigration agenda.”

Vanity Fair: “Trump’s own party could be about to hand him a humiliating defeat”