Trump Only Cares About PR Crisis

On coronavirus, Trump has repeatedly shown that he is more focused on covering up his own failures than on working to mitigate the public health crisis.

Over the weekend, Trump melted down on Twitter and complained about cable news programming while the White House tried to claim he was too busy working on coronavirus to even have lunch. 

MEADOWS: “I can tell you that the biggest concern I have as a new chief of staff is making sure he gets some time to get a quick bite to eat.”

McENANY: “And he made the point that the president is so busy and so hard at work, you know, his concern is making sure he gets a bite to eat here and there. … Make no mistake about it, it’s why I watch this president get up early in the morning and work until late into the evening to ensure to that end America’s workers get paid and American lives are protected.”

Washington Post: “Over the next seven hours or so, Trump took aim at everything and anyone he could, unleashing a barrage of more than two dozen tweets and retweets that targeted media outlets, high-profile commentators and hosts, and Democrats.”

Trump sees the pandemic as an opportunity to praise himself, take credit, and rewrite history.

New York Times: “Such have been the defining features of Mr. Trump’s use of the bully pulpit during the coronavirus outbreak. … The transcripts show striking patterns … a display of presidential hubris and self-pity unlike anything historians say they have seen before.”

Washington Post: “What began as daily briefings meant to convey public health information have become de facto political rallies conducted from the West Wing of the White House — events that are now in doubt after an uproar last week over Trump’s suggestion of another bogus coronavirus cure. The president has offered little in the way of accurate medical information or empathy for coronavirus victims, instead focusing on attacking his enemies and lauding himself and his allies. … Over the past three weeks, the tally comes to more than 13 hours of Trump — including two hours spent on attacks and 45 minutes praising himself and his administration, but just 4½ minutes expressing condolences for coronavirus victims.”

Meanwhile, states continue to be hampered by testing shortages.

STAT News: “More than half of U.S. states will have to significantly step up their Covid-19 testing to even consider starting to relax stay-at-home orders after May 1, according to a new analysis by Harvard researchers and STAT.”

New York Times: “As governors decide about opening their economies, they continue to be hampered by a shortage of testing capacity, leaving them without the information that public health experts say is needed to track outbreaks and contain them. And while the United States has made strides over the past month in expanding testing, its capacity is nowhere near the level Mr. Trump suggests it is.”

And hospitals and frontline workers say they’re still struggling to obtain critical medical supplies.

Politico: “President Donald Trump often opens his evening news briefings on the pandemic by rattling off a list of actions his administration has taken to secure protective gear for frontline health workers, claiming dire shortages have been resolved. But hospitals, nursing homes and caregivers across the country tell POLITICO they are still struggling to obtain medical masks, gloves and gowns, undercutting Trump’s assertions.”

NBC News: “Detroit health care worker dies after being denied coronavirus test 4 times, daughter says.”