Trump Plans To Celebrate After The U.S. Hits Its Highest Single-Day Death Toll

Yesterday, the U.S. hit its highest single-day death toll of over 3,000 COVID-19 deaths. At the same time, the White House held multiple holiday parties against public health guidelines. And today, Trump plans to celebrate at the Congressional Ball. Meanwhile, he refuses to do anything to control the virus. 

The day after the U.S. hit its highest single-day death toll of more than 3,000 fatalities, Trump will host a Congressional Ball at the White House.

New York Times: “A grim new record for the U.S. as daily deaths from the virus top 3,000.”

Daily Mail: “The attending physician in the U.S. Capitol has warned lawmakers and staff not to attend holiday receptions ‘outside of your family unit,’ which would include the upcoming Congressional Ball at the White House.”

Yesterday, Trump held a packed indoor Hanukkah party where he continued to spread lies about the election.

Washington Post: “On record day for covid-19 deaths, Trump falsely proclaims at packed Hanukkah party, ‘We’re going to win this election’”

Trump’s State Department also hosted roughly 200 guests to drinks and swag at an indoor holiday party this week.

Washington Post: “Dismissing health concerns, State Department treats 200 guests to holiday drinks, tours and leftover ‘Be Best’ swag”

Washington Post: “Guests unmasked to consume the beverages, causing people to congregate and create occasional choke points, the two officials told The Washington Post.”