Trump Policies Put Workers At Greater Risk

Trump’s policies are putting workers at risk as coronavirus continues to spread through workplaces across the country. His administration has failed to protect essential workers, has failed to stop garnishment of wages to repay defaulted student loans, and is cutting off aid to those who need it most.

Trump’s encouraging states to take aid away from workers if they are afraid to return to work because of the virus.

Huffington Post: “Trump Administration Tells States To Yank Benefits From Those Who Won’t Return To Work”

The Trump administration is being sued again for cutting off aid to poor students during the pandemic. 

Bloomberg: “DeVos Sued for Cutting Off Poor Students From U.S. Virus Aid”

Trump has failed to take action to protect the health of farmworkers, despite deeming them essential workers.

Politico: “The Trump administration has deemed the millions of people who are cutting lettuce, picking cherries, packing peaches and otherwise getting food from farm to table to be ‘essential workers’ but is doing little to keep them healthy during the pandemic. The lack of federal action has left state and industry leaders scrambling to shield their farmworkers from the coronavirus.”

Tens of thousands of people are still having their wages garnished to repay past-due student loans, despite a moratorium to stop it weeks ago.

Washington Post: “The paychecks of about 54,000 people are still being shorted to repay past-due student loans, despite a federal moratorium that has been in place for six weeks, according to court documents filed late Monday by the Trump administration.”