Trump Promised To Protect Farmers — Now They’re ‘Struggling To Stay Afloat’

Trump promised he’d help farmers, but he hasn’t. Instead, farmers across the country are struggling to get by, and they are losing patience with Trump’s erratic policies that have only made things worse.

Farm bankruptcies rose by 13% over the previous year, loan delinquencies have reached a 6-year high, and exports are down nearly 7% from last year.

UPI: “Between July 2018 and June 2019, the number of farms that filed for Chapter 12 bankruptcies (a type of bankruptcy designed to allow family farmers and family fishermen to restructure their finances) rose by 13 percent over the previous year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. Loan delinquency rates have reached a six-year high. And nearly 13,000 farms disappeared in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

Politico: “Farm exports in fiscal 2019 are down nearly 7 percent from 2018, exacerbating one of the toughest periods for agriculture since the 1980s farm crisis.”

Farmers are struggling across the country, and they’re losing patience with Trump’s erratic policymaking.

UPI: “Farm experts say these figures indicate a troubling trend in American agriculture. Farmers are struggling to stay afloat.”

“[Farmers] are not starting to do great again. Things are going downhill, and downhill very quickly.” – Minnesota farmer

“Those people that we’ve elected to be our leaders need to lead… One tweet can take away decades of relationship building and building markets.” – Illinois farmer

“There’s been very little profit at the end of the year.” – Wisconsin farmer

“Many farmers are losing patience with the president.” – Iowa farmer

“We need something to happen right now. The damage is immediate as we approach harvest. Many farmers are losing patience with the president, and he has to reign in his EPA right now or there will be political consequences to that because of the economic damage we’re suffering.” – Iowa farmer and member of Trump’s ag advisory committee