Trump Promised To Save Their Plant — Now It’s Closed For Good

Trump promised workers at the General Motors facility in Lordstown, Ohio that he’d save their plant — but now it’s closed for good.

Trump promised workers at the GM Lordstown plant that he’d save their plant and bring back manufacturing jobs.

CNN: “In 2017, Trump went to Youngstown, 15 miles down the road from the Lordstown plant, and promised residents that manufacturing jobs would be returning to the region, telling the crowd: ‘Don’t move. Don’t sell your house.’”

But the GM Lordstown plant is now closed for good, and workers are devastated from Trump’s broken promise.

“He lied. He told everybody it’s all coming back. It’s not. It’s harder and harder to find a job.” – GM Lordstown worker

“He said don’t sell your house, and look, now I got to sell my house that I just built three years ago.” – GM Lordstown worker

“So many people left the community with the thought in their mind that, you know what? Our union’s strong and our union’s going to get us back to work in Lordstown one day. To hear this news that we might not get another General Motors product, it’s just devastating.” – GM Lordstown worker

“I’m looking for something that says we’re not losing jobs to Mexico. I see nothing… It’s a very good experience working there. But it’s not home.” – GM Lordstown worker forced to transfer

“I left my home and everything there in Lordstown.” – GM Lordstown worker

“That totally went against us in Lordstown.” When unions face off with the Trump administration, “it seems everything they do is something that favors business.” – GM Lordstown union leader