Trump Puts Politics Over Public Health As U.S. Enters Its Third COVID Wave

Trump continues to lie to the American people about the coronavirus as it surges in nearly every state. Trump is only concerned with his own political interests, not helping struggling Americans or protecting public health.

The pandemic is in its third wave as the coronavirus surges across nearly every state and hospitalizations are on the rise.

Bloomberg: “Covid-19’s Deadly Comeback Widens, Spreading Across 46 States”

Axios: “The coronavirus is surging again”

BuzzFeed News: “Less than three weeks out from an election that many see as a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, a ‘third wave’ of COVID-19 hospitalizations is underway in the US.”

Yet Trump continues to lie to the American people about the pandemic, putting his own political interests ahead of public health.

CNN: “President Donald Trump’s refusal to tell America the truth about the pandemic in a bid to save his political skin, on display at a potential super-spreader rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, is fostering a vacuum in national leadership and crucial public health mobilization as a winter of sickness and death looms.”

Trump refuses to listen to experts and has sidelined his coronavirus task force as he only focuses on his reelection.

CNN: “The often-at-odds collection of health experts and political figures who comprise President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force now appear less influential than ever as Covid-19 cases begin to spike again three weeks before Election Day. While still technically in place, people close to the White House task force and others inside the administration describe a panel that has, for all practical purposes, been swept aside by politics and competing interests.”

CNN: “Task force warns against small gatherings as Trump rallies with thousands”

Americans are suffering and millions have slipped into poverty because Trump abandoned coronavirus relief negotiations.

New York Times: “8 Million Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May as Federal Aid Has Dried Up”

CBS News: “‘Staggering’ need: COVID-19 has led to rising levels in food insecurity across the U.S.”