Trump Recklessly Touts Untested Drug, Continues To Be Contradicted By Top Health Experts

Trump recklessly touted an untested drug as a potential cure for coronavirus, causing shortages for patients who need it to live.

Trump’s reckless endorsement of the drug, which has not been tested as a treatment for coronavirus, led to shortages across the country and left patients who already take the medication unable to obtain it.

“There is a run on it and we’re getting calls every few minutes, literally, from patients who are trying to stay on the drug and finding it in short supply.” – NYC doctor“Lupus patients like myself need help. Pharmacies are out of stock of plaquenil. I personally called dozens of pharmacies in NYC and had friends calling in Boston. This is endangering lives.” – Lupus patient

“I need this drug to live.” – Lupus patient

“There are lots of people that desperately need this, and if we stop taking it, the problem to us is overwhelming.” – Rheumatoid arthritis patient

America’s top infectious disease expert contradicted Trump’s claim that the medication can cure coronavirus, calling the evidence “anecdotal.”

New York Times: “Trump’s Embrace Of Unproven Drugs To Treat Coronavirus Defies Science”

ABC News: “A day after President Donald Trump declared an anti-malaria drug a ‘game changer’ in the fight against the novel coronavirus, the nation’s top infectious disease expert downplayed any role it might play in the fast-moving pandemic and said signs of the drug’s promise were purely ‘anecdotal.’

“Fauci’s statements at a White House briefing Friday amounted to clinical cold water thrown on the president’s repeated upbeat assessments on the U.S. fight against the virus, also known as COVID-19.”