Trump, RNC Ignore Record High Unemployment Rates

Instead of actually working to help people out of work, Trump and the RNC continue to tout women’s and minority unemployment rates that are now at record highs.

At his cabinet briefing today, Trump couldn’t name one thing he’s doing to help minority communities during the pandemic, and instead touted unemployment rates from before the virus hit.

QUESTION: “You continue to talk about helping minority communities. What specifically are you looking at to help those communities?”

TRUMP: “Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment was the best ever in the history of our country.”

A few hours later, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel cited women’s unemployment before the coronavirus hit as an example of Trump’s record fighting for women.

MCDANIEL: “For women alone, we have just seen the unemployment rate fall under this administration to 3.4 percent, which matched a 66-year low.” [Ronna McDaniel, Women for Trump MOM TALK Teleconference, 5/19/20]

The only problem is that Hispanic, Asian, women’s unemployment all hit record highs, with Black unemployment not far behind, after Trump’s failed response made this crisis worse than it needed to be.

Bureau of Labor Statistics:  “In April, unemployment rates rose sharply among all major worker groups. The rate was 13.0 percent for adult men, 15.5 percent for adult women, 31.9 percent for teenagers, 14.2 percent for Whites, 16.7 percent for Blacks, 14.5 percent for Asians, and 18.9 percent for Hispanics. The rates for all of these groups, with the exception of Blacks, represent record highs for their respective series.”