Trump Says Coronavirus Is ‘Dying Out’ As It Surges In States Across The Country

Yesterday, Trump again claimed that coronavirus is going away. That same day, several states saw surges in new cases and others set records in hospitalizations. And Tulsa County, where Trump plans to hold his rally on Saturday, saw a record increase in new cases.

Trump downplayed the virus, claiming it is “fading away,” “dying out,” and would soon be over.

TRUMP: “It’s fading away.”

TRUMP: “It’s dying out.”

Wall Street Journal: “He said that the country was nearing the end of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Several states, including Oklahoma, reported surges in new cases yesterday. And cases in Tulsa County, where Trump plans to hold his rally, hit record levels.

CBS News: “Days before President Trump’s first rally in over three months, on June 20 in Tulsa, city officials and politicians are worried, as the number of COVID-19 cases in Tulsa County rise to record levels.”

Reuters: “Several U.S. states including Oklahoma reported a surge in new coronavirus infections on Wednesday, days before a planned campaign rally for President Donald Trump in Tulsa that would be the nation’s largest indoor social gathering in three months.”

While Trump and Pence claim there’s no spike in cases, a new CDC report shows that U.S. cases went up over 18 percent on a three-day average.

Yahoo News: “Yet the CDC’s June 16 COVID-19 Response Update appears to paint a darker portrait of the state of the pandemic, with maps showing many counties in the U.S. experiencing increasing rates of the coronavirus. Of the figures highlighted, a chart shows that the U.S. rate of increase for the coronavirus using a three-day average is 18.3 percent. By comparison, two of the hardest-hit countries have declining rates based on this same three-day average: Brazil’s cases came down 27 percent, and Russia’s have decreased by almost 7 percent.”

Texas and Arizona also both set new records yesterday in coronavirus hospitalizations.

Forbes: “Texas has again reported a higher number of hospitalizations for coronavirus than at any point since the pandemic began, as a coronavirus rise continues in the nation’s second largest state, while a spike in Arizona keeps getting more significant—that state again set a record for hospitalizations Wednesday as the number of hospital beds in use has now risen to 85%.”