Trump Says Coronavirus Will ‘Go Away’ As One American Dies Every 80 Seconds

Trump still does not grasp the severity of this crisis. He continues to downplay the coronavirus and says it will “go away,” despite the U.S. having the worst outbreak in the world, now averaging one death every 80 seconds, and still experiencing testing problems that further hinder our ability to contain the virus.

Trump doubled down last night saying the coronavirus will “go away like things go away,” despite the U.S. averaging one death every 80 seconds.

TRUMP: “It’s going away. No, it’ll go away like things go away, absolutely. It’s no question in my mind it will go away.”

NBC News: “Over the last seven days, a grim new COVID-19 calculus has emerged: one person died every 80 seconds from the coronavirus in America. And the pace at which those 7,486 people died appears to be accelerating, a new NBC News tally revealed Wednesday.”

Trump misleadingly points to cases abroad to downplay the virus, but the U.S. has the worst outbreak in the world because of his failed response.

Washington Post: “With bad coronavirus news at home, Trump points misleadingly to rising cases abroad”

CNBC: “The U.S. has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world: ‘The numbers don’t lie,’ Dr. Fauci says:

New York Times: “Yet even with all of these problems, one country stands alone, as the only affluent nation to have suffered a severe, sustained outbreak for more than four months: the United States. … President Trump has said the virus was not serious; predicted it would disappear; spent weeks questioning the need for masks; encouraged states to reopen even with large and growing caseloads; and promoted medical disinformation.”

States are still experiencing testing delays, which discourages Americans from getting testing, causing the number of tests to drop and further hindering our coronavirus response.

Axios: “Fauci calls U.S. coronavirus testing delays ‘totally unacceptable’”

Associated Press: “U.S. testing for the coronavirus is dropping even as infections remain high and the death toll rises by more than 1,000 a day, a worrisome trend that officials attribute largely to Americans getting discouraged over having to wait hours to get a test and days or weeks to learn the results.”

Trump is still struggling to fully grasp the severity of this crisis after he attended his first coronavirus task force meeting since April.

CNN: “President Donald Trump was still struggling to fully grasp the severity of the coronavirus pandemic during a task force meeting in the Oval Office on Tuesday, a source familiar with the meeting told CNN.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: “This was President Trump’s first formal task force meeting since April, per a source.”