Trump Says We’re Rounding The Turn As Coronavirus Surges At Fastest Rate In Months

Trump continues to claim that we are rounding the turn on the pandemic even as the coronavirus surges at an increasing rate across the country.

Yesterday, Trump once again downplayed the coronavirus and declared that we are rounding the turn.

TRUMP: “I think we’re rounding the turn very much.”

In reality, the coronavirus is surging across the country and new daily cases are increasing at the sharpest rate since late spring.

Axios: “The coronavirus is surging once again across the U.S., with cases rising in 22 states over the past week.”

New York Times: “That surge appears to have begun. The number of new daily confirmed cases in the U.S. has jumped more than 15 percent in the past 10 days. It is the sharpest increase since the late spring, and it has arrived just before the official start of autumn, which is today.”