Trump Shows Same Failed Leadership In His Return To The Campaign Trail

Trump continues to display the same failure of leadership that has contributed to the U.S. having by far the largest coronavirus outbreak in the world. Trump and his campaign are recklessly heading back out on the trail without taking proper precautions as a coronavirus outbreak spreads through Trump’s White House.

The Trump campaign has not learned its lesson and is hitting the road again without taking proper safety precautions against the coronavirus.

Politico: “The Trump campaign is hitting the road after being sidelined by the coronavirus for a week, while taking few precautions to ensure the rallies don’t become new hot spots.”

Only a week after being diagnosed, Trump said he wants to hold rallies again despite medical experts saying he could still be contagious.

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump said Thursday he doesn’t think he’s contagious anymore, but medical experts say that’s impossible to know a week after his diagnosis with COVID-19.”

The Guardian: “Donald Trump plans Florida rally on Saturday amid Covid test secrecy”

The White House has made no systematic effort to do contact tracing from its own outbreak, potentially allowing more to be infected.

Washington Post: “A week into a White House outbreak, CDC still playing only a limited role”

Washington Post: “With no systematic effort to trace or advise the hundreds of guests at the Rose Garden ceremony and other events in the surrounding days, many made their way home and resumed their busy schedules, according to interviews with more than 40 people who attended events with the president between Sept. 25 and Oct. 1, when Trump announced he had tested positive. Experts said the fallout, driven largely by individuals forced to make their own choices without clear instructions from a central authority, is emblematic of the nation’s response to the pandemic and helps explain why the virus remains uncontained nearly 10 months after it first arrived in the United States.”