Trump Sides With NRA & Fails To Take Action On Gun Violence 

In his remarks today, Trump once again regurgitated NRA talking points, blaming anything but guns for this weekend’s mass shootings. Every time he talks about gun violence, he has sided with the NRA and failed to take action.

  • Trump signed into law legislation that overturned an Obama-era rule that would have made it more difficult for mentally disabled individuals to obtain guns.

  • Trump blamed mass shootings on “mental illness.” But his administration is fighting in court to overturn the ACA, which helps provide mental health treatment through Medicaid expansion and essential health benefits.

  • After the Parkland shooting, Trump established an ineffective federal commission on school safety that failed to address the role of guns in mass shootings.

  • After a meeting with the NRA, Trump backed off his push to increase the minimum age for gun purchases.

  • Trump vowed to support comprehensive background checks, but then softened his support after meeting with the NRA and threatened to veto bipartisan House-passed universal background check legislation that is supported by 86% of Americans.

  • Trump repeatedly advocated for the irrational policy supported by the NRA of arming teachers as a method of gun violence prevention.